Digital Augmented Experience

The objective of our projects with clients is based on achieving positive amplification of the user experience in the selected situation, mainly at the point of sale. For this we generate new technological solutions that increase the engagement with the buyer and the sales.

Digital Interactive Solutions

We release the last digital interaction solutions in a natural way in elements of the physical space itself.

Solutions that are able to interact with the user, that readapt their messages to offer intelligently and that are capable of being managed from the outside, allowing the client to adapt them according to their needs and objectives.

Virtual Reality

Our advisory board is a point of reference in virtual reality at a scientific level.

Quatechnion wants to lead the Virtual Commerce revolution, generating a new digital sales channel for brands and retailers.

We are experts in bringing virtual reality to real scenarios, determining in each case the best possible solution.

Augmented Reality

The increased reality will mean a revolution in terms of improving the customer’s sales experience.

With mobile or tablet-based solutions or with the new augmented reality glasses, we will be able to customize the sales experience for each client.

We want to be the referent in this sector where I count with a wide experience that comes from our R&D center, referent in this field since 10 years.