Human Behavior Analytics

Thanks to the use of Neuroscience and new sensor techniques like Computer Vision, we are able to measure the behavior of the buyer both in the physical space and online.

Welcome to Neurometrics revolution

Shopper Behavior Tracking

We analyze the behavior taking into account different information channels that we combine to obtain much more effective and innovative metrics. To generate these metrics, we apply the latest techniques in computer vision and engineering.

We have the latest technologies in eye tracking, facial coding  and optical sensors that can be placed in real space to measure, in an objective and continuous manner, the behavior of the shoppers.

Neurobehaviour Metrics

The future of retail is to measure the unconscious and emotional response of the buyer. In this aspect our scientific background in Consumer Neuroscience makes us experts in this field.

We extract metrics related to attention, engagement, memory, understanding of the message or the level of stress among others that we apply in improving the physical and online sales experience.