The DEMETER project ends successfully

The DEMETER project, which has consisted of the development of a virtual reality technology platform in combination with immersive technologies for the study, evaluation and development of leadership skills within with its foundation in organizational neuroscience, has concluded with exceptional results.


Using virtual environment tests together with the development of serious-themed games and through the use of biometric signals, a novel methodology has been proposed with the aim of analyzing the behavior of humans in different organizations.

The fact of using hyper-realistic avatars making use of mixed reality has enhanced the most natural reactions of the users. This fact has made it possible to evaluate the behaviors of these users in environments and situations that are true to reality. The use of mixed reality with hyper-realistic avatars enhances the natural reactions of users that allow the evaluation of their behaviors in real situations.


This project has been funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain (Grant number RTC-2017-6052-7).